Maintaining the best practices

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to deliver bespoke services and offer solutions to some of the challenging maintenance issues faced in Industry. With our experience in the Marine and Oil & Gas Industry Sectors we offer a “fresh eye” and a different perspective to tackling potentially complex challenges.

Safety and quality comes above everything else for André M. Consulting. We follow strict Health and Safety policies and procedures.

What we believe? 

    •    Improving reliability and maintenance practices will reduce             manufacturing and maintenance costs.

    •    Operations, maintenance and engineering must work in a             partnership to improve reliability and maintenance.

    •    Basic practices must be implemented first.

    •    Improving reliability and maintenance is 90% about people.

    •    People cannot be more effective than the system they work in             allows them to be.

    •    Busy people are not necessarily effective: people must be busy         with the right things.

    •    Most organisations know what to do, but they often struggle to         execute.

    •    Overall reliability is the product of process and equipment             reliability.

Maintenance Management Consulting 

As maintenance management consultants we identify improvement opportunities, give advice and coach implementation of identified improvement opportunities.

When we give advice on subjects such as project management, leadership, best reliability and maintenance practices, organizational development, choice of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and other tools, we use our consultants’ combined vast experience to advise what we have experienced works best for each client’s situation.

Maintenance Engineering 

Even a perfect engineer would be lost without the appropriate documentation. At André M. Consulting, we provide our clients with a complete range of services to meet their documentation management requirement.

Our Maintenance Engineering department relies on its professional on site experience to create and update drawings and diagrams, maintenance plans, procedures and check-lists.

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